[Gabby Douglas]

I love how fervently so many people on tumblr are supporting Gabby Douglas and her amazing accomplishments. I’ve been shaking my head at the unbelievable shade white people, mostly American whites, have been throwing at her from the get-go. This young lady is not only a strong competitor, but she’s got unbelievable character.  Not only have her contributions to the team been devalued, but people have even been attacking her mother for allowing her to move 3000mi away in order to pursue her dreams. And then yesterday I saw something about people tryna talk about her hair. I didn’t even bother to read that. This girl is a 16 year old Olympian and world class athlete whose talents greatly contributed to the US’s gold medal in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and people are tryna throw shade at her hair? I’m sorry, but I see ya’ll. Ya’ll can’t take when a black person disproves everything you’ve ever heard about black people, that we’re lazy, we’re incompetent, we’re inferior. They even wanna pigeon hole us into certain sports that it’s OK for us to excel at, like basketball and football. But the second we show these people we are not a monolith, that we’re not what they thought we were they don’t know how to take it! So they start finding excuses for our accomplishments, chalking it up as an accident or something. Because they just can’t conceive of the idea that this 16 year old black girl outperformed the precious white princess norm that was Jordyn Wieber. Well guess what? Not only did she outperform all of your golden girls, but she also got her very own gold medal to take back home with her, and she’s got a record too! And she did all of it with as much grace and sportsmanship as any other white Olympian, probably even more. How’s that for your ridiculous preconceptions about what black people are and aren’t capable of?  

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    I was going to post about this nonsense but you’ve done the honors. These people need to get over themselves.
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